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Warranty Policy

Our warranty runs from the date of dispatch of your order, with the below periods


Our graded handsets arrive with a minimum of 70% battery.



Opening of units without prior permission will result in the warranty of the unit being voided. Part credit may be approved for repair of units in lieu of returning them on a case by case basis by our returns department. Please submit any such requests prior to ordering any parts or carrying out any work. Damage to units in the course of or resulting from such repairs will not be covered.

Customer damage to units will not be covered under our warranty, and will result in units being refused, with the warranty voided.


All units must be returned with any accessories as sold. Missing accessories will be deducted from any credit issued.

Please ensure all returns are well packed for return, as damages caused during transit due to insufficient packaging will not be covered.


Customers are responsible for ensuring returns are raised within the warranty period. Units raised after the warranty has expired will not be accepted.


Returns Procedure


Please submit your RMA request on our return’s portal. You must specify your company name when doing so to receive the correct details.


Once your RMA request is approved, you will receive an email to confirm this, with our returns address. Please send the item to us within 30 days. RMA numbers that have not been received will expire after 30 days. If the warranty on a unit has expired by this time, it will not be accepted.

In the unfortunate event that your return is declined, you will also receive an email to confirm this, with details on the reason for this.


We operate on a Return to Base warranty only, and deal with returns in the following hierarchy:


•    Repair if possible, otherwise we will

•    Replace, if available, otherwise we will issue a

•    Credit against your account.

Using our Returns Portal

To raise returns, the process is as follows


1.    Once you have logged into our portal, you will find “Raise New Return” under the “Returns” tab in the top left.

2.    Click the “Add Device” button to add a unit for return

3.    Enter the asset tag into the corresponding box, this is the long number at the end of the asset sticker on the rear of the unit, or on the box/bag for the unit.

4.    You can also submit returns using the serial number/IMEI if the asset tag is not available, although it is not possible to use both.

5.    Enter the fault you wish to return the unit for. We ask that you describe the issue as completely as possible.

6.    In the fault-finding section, please enter any testing performed or steps to replicate the issue, to assist our returns team.

7.    Once all returns are added, the “Raise Returns” button at the top right will submit them for consideration by our returns department.

The status of your return will be visible on our portal;

●    Awaiting Authorisation - A decision has not yet been made for the unit

●    Awaiting Goods - The unit has been authorised for return, and an email has been sent to confirm, with our returns address

●    Declined - The unit has been declined for return, and an email has been sent to confirm, with a reason for this.

●    Awaiting Repair - The unit has been received into our returns department for inspection

●    Awaiting Dispatch - The unit has been completed and is ready to be returned to you. Our returns department will send an email with a full report of all units to be returned to you once completed.

●    Complete - The unit has been completed and either a credit raised, or dispatched back to you, in which case a date of dispatch will be visible.

30 day and 90 day warranty table


Sell to us!

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