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About Us

Our business

TES Consumer Solutions offers data secure refurbishment, repair and remarketing services for consumer returns, trade-in and excess consumer electronics. 


We work with some of the largest technology retailers, distributors and manufacturers to provide a service that is discrete, avoids conflict in the market and is transacted swiftly. 


Working predominantly within the consumer electronics sector, our capabilities span:


  • Laptops 

  • Desktop computers 

  • All-in-one computers 

  • Tablets 

  • Mobile phones 

  • Gaming devices 

  • Audio-visual (AV) products 

  • Smart watches 


Our process 


From recovery through final disposition, we manage the entire consumer electronics return process. 


Providing one of the most detailed audit and tracking packages in the industry, we track and record any detail on the hardware that you specify, which in turn offers a range of reporting options. Typically, this might include the make, model, detailed unit configuration, serial number or IMEI of processed items. 


The return logistics of your items back to our processing facilities is an incredibly important part of the process. When not handled correctly damage, or worse, sensitive data can be lost. We, therefore, offer a full return logistics service, providing you with the peace of mind of a single organisation owning the complete chain of custody. 

We continue to protect your brand’s integrity through our best-in-class, data security first processes at our owned and operated facilities. This ensures that any data is irretrievably and certifiably erased from products. Bespoke workflows then maximise the amount of hardware that can be made available for remarketing, maximising asset value and minimising waste.   


Once data secure, tests take place to check for that device's functionality, and we physically examine the unit for visual damage and any missing components. Diagnostic tests discover the detailed hardware configuration and system functionality.  


For devices that require repair, we follow an exacting process designed to maximize values and support our environmental corporate objectives. The level of repair can vary by unit type, technology level and condition. This decision tree is based on our deep experience in the secondary market and the market drivers that surround it. 


Refurbished products can then be redistributed via our retail and trade platforms. 

To discuss selling consumer returns, trade-in and excess consumer electronics stock, or to buy stock from us, get in touch.

Brand Change

Following our acquisition of Technology Supplies International Ltd (Tech Si Ltd) & Stock Must Go Ltd (SMG Ltd) in 2019 and subsequent acquisition of the assets of Redeem Holdings Ltd in 2020 we are pleased to announce that we have relaunched and rebranded all under TES Consumer Solutions Ltd as of the 1st January 2022.



What changes can we expect?


You will be dealing with the same great people, same address & same great service. TES will transfer the trading entities of Technology Supplies International Ltd (TSI) and Goldberg Enterprises Ltd into Stock Must Go Limited.

Technology Supplies International Ltd and Goldberg Enterprises Ltd will be dormant and cease trading from the 1st January 2022.

Stock Must Go Limited will be rebranding to TES Consumer Solutions (TCS)


TES Consumer Solutions (TCS) will trade with the Stock Must Go Incorporation and VAT certification numbers – these details are listed below.

TES Consumer Solutions (TCS), Stock Must Go & TSI are all fully owned subsidiary of TES-AMM. TES Cannock holds full certification to R2v3, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-45001 & ISO-27001 standards.

Legal Entity details: -

  • Company Registration Number is: - 08692717

  • Company Name from 1st Jan 2022 will be: - TES Consumer Solutions Ltd

  • Company VAT Number is: - GB173140925


Certification amendment?

Change of name and issue of certificate won’t occur until 4th January 2022 and on receipt we will share with you under separate cover.

Can this change impact a VIES check?

We are told that HMRC advise VIES on changes in real time and do not anticipate any disruption

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